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These are related to the Sustainability news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Sustainability and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Sustainability market.
  • A global definition of plastics recyclability

    In an effort to provide a consistent metric to guide the efforts of sustainability for plastics in the Circular Economy, two of the leading global international recycling organizations have developed a global definition governing the use of the term “recyclable” as is relates to plastics packaging a

  • Green packaging: A priority for consumers?

    Consumers are increasingly putting pressure on manufacturers to improve the impact packaging has on the environment, with ethical packaging now becoming a “must have” quality when purchasing a product, according todata and analytics company GlobalData.Sustainable packaging was once a niche that only

  • Grants,website support EPS recycling

    The Foam Recycling Coalition is advancing its foam recycling grant program with a revamped website dedicated to expanded polystyrene recycling.The website provides information,guidance, and resources to increase the collection and processing of EPS packaging for recycling.Visitors can learn about fo

  • Report: Bioplastics growth to outpace the economy as a whole

    That’s according to a new report, Watching Bioplastics, which finds there is growing consumer interest in bioplastics, but a continued need for education.

  • New packaging study reveals complexities of sustainability

    Global study challenges industry perceptions and reveals significant industry failures in formal measurement and reporting.

  • Survey: 61% of consumers say they always recycle food, beverage cartons

    This according to a national survey on attitudes and beliefs related to carton recycling that also indicates consumers are looking at brands to help actively drive the recycling of their packages.

  • Projects to reduce marine litter grow significantly

    The 4th Progress Report from the Global Plastics Alliance shows positive movement, with 355 projects planned, underway, or completed, to address marine debris.

  • AMERIPEN talks packaging, policy for 2018

    Can you provide some background on AMERIPEN and the projects and initiatives it has been involved in since it was founded in 2011?Kyla Fisher:AMERIPEN was born in 2011 out of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recycling system financing workshop. Our founders walked out of that meeting with the

  • McDonald’s makes significant commitments to packaging sustainability

    McDonald’s has announced goals to improve its packaging and help significantly reduce waste to positively impact the communities the company serves around the world.By 2025, the company says that 100% of its guest packaging will come from renewable, recycled, or certified sources with a preference f

  • Packaging waste you can wear

    A giant T-shirt measuring approximately 320 feet high by 230 feet wide and made out of 200,000 recycled plastic bottles has landed the Plastindia Foundation in the Guinness World Records. The foundation, which comprises major associations, organizations, and institutions connected with the plastics


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