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Company Background

Qingdao X-C Packaging Co., Ltd. is a leading service provider of flexible packaging solutions.

The company was founded in 2018 01, 03, with a registered capital of 12 million yuan. Guided by the concept of German Industry 4.0, Xucheng Company, after eight months of preparation, officially put into operation on August 1, 2018, and set up its own laboratory at the same time. At present, Xucheng has two production lines, including two Sino-Japanese joint-venture printing presses, two compound presses, six bag-making machines, one cutting machine and one inspection machine. It has many high-precision inspection instruments, such as gas chromatograph, standard light source box, counter-pressure cooking and disinfection pot, electrothermal constant temperature water tank, sealed experimental instrument and electronic tension testing machine. The product chain provides support from the R & D to the whole process of production.

For the first time, the company introduced ERP into the soft packaging industry and connected it to the warehouse management system WMS and the manufacturing enterprise production process execution system MES. It optimized the operation mode of the enterprise from the scope of the supply chain, effectively controlled and tracked the whole process of logistics and cost management of warehouse business, and all the information of the production system in the manufacturing workshop. To create a comprehensive, reliable and feasible manufacturing collaborative management platform for enterprises.

Asahi is committed to the development of high quality and special packaging, and now has 1 patents for utility models. The company's customer base is located in Japan, Europe and the United States, domestic and other high-end markets, to meet the needs of the global iteration of personalized packaging solutions.

In the process of entrepreneurship, Xucheng adheres to the enterprise values of "struggle, achievement, acquisition, self-examination and sharing", provides diversified and inclusive career development space for every employee, sets up a challenging and long-term sustainable development path, pays attention to stimulating employees'self-development awareness, and builds core competition of the enterprise. Power.
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