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Fast food chains, e-commerce ‘revolutionizing’ foodservice packaging

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Fast food chains, e-commerce ‘revolutionizing’ foodservice packaging

New Persistence Market Research says the level of smartphone and Internet subscriptions have increased the e-commerce business, making almost every commercial food product available online, bringing “significant revolution in online food delivery.”

The report notes, “Private as well as intermediary food delivery applications have become infectious, and [the] primary choice of younger population. With the help of customized packaging, online retailers are adopting bundling strategies such as combo packs to gain additional benefits.”

Accelerating online food ordering comes at the same time as fast food chains and on-the-go packaging cater to time-pressed consumers with increasing disposable income who seek convenience. PMR’s research indicates foodservice outlets accounted for 52% of the global foodservice packaging market share in 2017.

PMR reports that evolving consumer preferences have led to the emergence of “unique, intelligent, and convenient food packaging.” Innovation in food packaging services includes the presence of different types of packaging materials, packaging designs and reusable or disposable types of packaging. Environmental awareness and increasing food safety concerns are leading to the use of aseptic, hygienic, and eco-friendly options, including recyclable paper and plastic, notes the report.

Other foodservice factors identified by PMR include the following:

• The implementation of new technologies and strategies in packaging plants and by packaging professionals has enhanced packaging capacities by “many fold.”

• Disposable packaging enables easy distribution to larger population in lesser time.

• Personalization and customization options attract a range of foodservice providers.

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