Convenience, portability, and ease-of-use is today's beverage packaging trifecta

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Packaging design:

· Packaging design changes such as slimmer cans that are easier to hold and use are being utilized by CSD, energy drinks and sparkling waters.

· Multi-serve bottles with longer necks and skinnier body are easier to carry and pour.

· Resealable closures are used in beverages ranging from beer to sparkling water.

· Pouches are becoming more popular in water, juice and some alcoholic beverages.

Sizing for convenience:

· More than 50% of respondents at CSD companies believe the 8oz. container will soon become the predominant size across the U.S. and Canada, as the 12oz. is proving to be too much for individual consumption.

· Single-serve wine and cocktails packaged in PET glasses or cups and sealed with aluminum foil are gaining popularity.

· Some craft brewers are introducing larger size cans (19.2oz) to meet the demands of recreational and entertainment venues where people have to wait in line to purchase.

· The spirits industry is leaning toward larger-sized bottles such as 1.75 or even 2-liter, instead of traditional .75 or 1-liter bottles.

Pack size and materials:

· There is a shift toward smaller pack sizes that will more easily fit into the consumer’s refrigerator. Pack sizes of 4 or 8 are considered the “sweet spot” for portability from the store to the refrigerator. 12 or 24-can cases or “fridge packs” often get stored in a closet, which equates to out-of-mind to some beverage manufacturers.

· Paperboard is often viewed as premium case packaging - as opposed to shrink-wrapped case packs - with convenient carry handles that don’t need to be torn apart to access the beverages. They also act as a billboard for the brand while in the refrigerator.

· 75% of beverage companies who talked about pack sizes shared that their companies are also adjusting both pack sizes and pack designs to improve portability.

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