The origin of kraft paper bag

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As early as in the retailing has not yet been born in the 19th century, people usually do at work or live in a nearby grocery store to

purchase all everyday objects. Those groceries packed in a barrel, bag, or in wooden cases, after the bulk of the ground to the grocery

store, sold to consumers, how they are scattered to is a headache thing. People can only take a basket or homemade linen bag to go

out shopping. At a time when the papermaking raw material is still the jute fiber and old linen cloth head, inferior quality and quantity

scarce, even can't meet the needs of newspaper printing. Around 1844, the germans friedrich kohler invented the wood pulp paperm-aking, greatly promoted the development of paper industry, also indirectly led to the first in the history of commercial paper bag. In

1852, the American botanist Francis Waller, invented the first paper bag making machine, it is then extended to France, Britain and

other European countries. Later, the birth of the plywood paper bags and paper bags suture technology progress made in the past for 

bulk cargo transport of cotton cloth bag is replaced by a paper bag.

The emergence of a brown paper bag changed people's shopping quantity in hands can only carry the number of items in the limit

of traditional thinking, also makes the consumers no longer because of concerns about carrying shopping itself and the happy experience. If the birth of cow leather bags to promote the development of the entire retail and maybe some exaggeration, but it at least to the businessman revealed that such a phenomenon, namely in the customer's shopping experience to become comfortable, easy and convenient as possible, before you root can't predict how much consumers will buy things. It is this, cause the attention of the newcomers shopping experience for consumers, also promoted the supermarket shopping basket later and for the development of shopping carts.


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