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The classification of self-supporting bags

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 Stand-up pouch is a relatively new form of packaging that takes advantage of many enhancements, shelf-life enhancements, portability, ease of use, freshness and sealability. Stand-up pouch is laminated by PET / foil / PET / PE structure. There are also 2 layers, 3 layers and other specifications. Depending on the package, oxygen barrier can be added as required to reduce the oxygen permeability , To extend the shelf life of the product. Self-supporting bags are mainly used in fruit juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, jelly can be suction, condiments and other products, in addition to the food industry, the number of cleaning supplies, daily cosmetics, medical supplies and other products are gradually increasing . So far, stand-up pouch is basically divided into the following five types:

  1. Ordinary self-supporting bags: and the general form of self-reliance bags, using four edge form, can not be re-closed and repeated open, this self-reliance bags are generally used in industrial supplies industry. 

  2. Suction nozzle stand-up pouch : Free- standing pouch with suction nozzle is more convenient to pour or suck the contents, meanwhile it can be closed again and repeatedly opened, which can be considered as the combination of self-supporting pouch and ordinary bottle mouth. This self-supporting pouch is generally used in the packing of daily necessities for the liquid, gel and semi-solid products such as beverage, shower gel, shampoo, tomato sauce, edible oil, jelly,  

  3. Zipper stand-up pouch: The zip-ply stand-up pouch can also be resealed and repeatedly opened, which is not suitable for packaging liquids and volatile materials due to its non-closed zipper form and its limited sealing strength. According to the edge of different ways and is divided into four edge and three edge three, four edge refers to the product packaging zipper in the factory outside the zipper layer and there is a layer of ordinary edge, the use of ordinary edge to be torn open, Reuse zipper repeat closure, this method solves the zipper edge strength is not conducive to transport the shortcomings. The three edge is directly sealed with a zipper as a seal, generally used to hold light-weight products. Zippered pockets are generally used to pack lightweight solids such as candies, biscuits, jellies, etc. Four edge-sealed pouches are also available for heavier products such as rice and cat litter.

  4. Imitation-mouth self-reliance bag: Imitation mouth self-reliance bag combined with the convenience of self-standing bag with suction nozzle and ordinary self-standing bag cheap. That is, the function of the nozzle is realized by the shape of the bag itself. However, the imitation of the self-reliance bag can not be repeatedly re-opened, therefore, generally used in beverages, jelly and other disposable liquid, gel, semi-solid product packaging.

  5. Profiled self-supporting bags : that is, according to the needs of packaging, the traditional bag-based changes made by the new shape of the various self-supporting bags, such as waist design, the bottom of the deformation design, handle design. Independence bag is the main direction of value-added development. 

  With the progress of society and the improvement of people's aesthetic level as well as the intensified competition in various industries, the design printing of self-supporting bags has become more and more colorful with more and more manifestations. The development of self-supporting bags has gradually replaced the traditional standing bags the trend of.


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