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Manufacturers risk missing out on thousands of dollars in sales by failing to make their packaging more appealing to gift buyers, research suggests. A survey by WePack revealed that almost a third of shoppers (28.6%) choose a gift item simply because it’s packaged in a shape that’s easy to wrap. Sustainability is also increasingly important to consumers, with over a quarter of respondents (26.6%) prioritizing reusable packaging when shopping for a gift.

Mick Clark, Sales Director at WePack, says, “Many manufacturers look to package their products to make them more marketable as potential gifts on a year-round basis. In this way, they are safeguarding against a weak economy.

“Making changes to your packaging to increase your product’s appeal as a gift needn’t be complex or expensive. Small tweaks to the print or style can turn packaging from purely functional into an effective marketing tool.”

Changing a product’s packaging to make it more attractive as a gift is something manufacturers can capitalize on all year round without significant financial outlay—not just during popular gift-giving seasons. Such changes could include placing unusually shaped items in simple but attractive boxes to make them appealing as a standalone gift item and easy to wrap. Other items could be presented in a reusable package, such as an attractive jar or tin.

Additional measures to make a product more “giftable” include using expensive-looking packaging. The survey revealed that just over 16% of people would be more likely to opt for packaging that signifies quality.

According to U.K. retailer Marks & Spencer, the most popular gifts purchased are entertainment-related (63%), clothing (57%), and food and drink (47%). Ways in which manufacturers could adapt the packaging of such products include changing the colors and typography in line with the seasonal period, adding a carry handle to the box, and incorporating gift-related embellishments such as ribbon.

Adds Clark, “If your product is easier to buy and more suitable as a gift than your competitors’, your chances of increased sales—not just at the obvious occasions—are all the greater.”

The data for this survey was gathered in March 2018 via an online survey among 847 members of the U.K .public.

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