Cannabis by the numbers

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  • Currently, 65% of cannabis sales stem from medical marijuana.

  • Medical now legalized to various degrees in 29 states with legislation pending in 15 more.

  • Recreational or adult use of cannabis (legal in nine states but only in effect in five currently) is fast growing.

  • Recreational usually outpaces medical sales by a 15:1 margin in the first few years after legalization.

  • Nevada, the latest state to legalize recreational use, expects to see 20:1 or higher sales of recreational cannabis boosted by tourism.

  • Experts believe that by 2021 every state in the U.S. will have legalized cannabis for medical use

  • Sales of medical marijuana will top $15 billion at that point.

  • An additional six states are expected to permit recreational cannabis sales in the next two years.


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